De cursus: a two-day course in Systems Thinking and its application to Healthcare

Aim of the course: To understand systems thinking and to learn how this understanding can be applied to address issues and find solutions in healthcare.

Course outline:

Learning aims –

  • Consider how we see the world, individually and collectively, and the effect this has on our action in the world;
  • Recognise the nature and characteristics of systems;
  • Become familiar with the idea of systems thinking and its relationship to sustainability;
  • Learn about tools, in particular, action experiment, that can be applied to the improvement and sustainability of healthcare systems;
  • Devise and begin to apply action experiments to issues of sustainability in complementary healthcare and healing systems.


The workshop will take place over two days, at Hawkwood College, near Stroud, in Gloucestershire, UK.

Outline Agenda:

Day 1 – will cover worldviews and the introduction to systems thinking and its relationship to sustainability.

Day 2 – will develop action experiments and the application of systems thinking to issues arising in complementary healthcare, as identified by the participants.


Participants should leave the course equipped to apply systems tools, in a systems thinking manner, to issues relating to the sustainability of complementary healthcare and systems of healing.

The Workshop leader:

Martin Sandbrook, MA, MBA, MSc, Director of Learning at the Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems. Click here for a taster of the course.

Biography: martin sandbrookhas explored many areas in his professional work: he has been an accountant, a senior manager in the both public and private sectors, a process consultant and a lecturer, in Business and Management at Bath Spa University.

In 2007, he took time out from his working life to study the Responsibility and Business Practice MSc at University of Bath, an experience that changed his life and professional direction. He now combines his passion and commitment to the ideas of sustainability and systems thinking with his experience in management, supporting individuals and organisations to make the shift to a more systemic approach to action and change. Martin is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.